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KIP is an exciting group of leaders and children coming together. At KIP, we aim to connect children to God through worship, learning, fun activities and genuine building of relationship with God and with each other

KIP aims to encourage children to reach their fullest potential in Christ, discover their purpose, talents and gifts that God has blessed them with. We also desire to provide opportunities for children to serve, lead and grow and above all, one trait that marks KIP apart is the love for God and the children, experienced by the leaders, expressed to the children and encouraged to be lived out by the children themselves (in practical ways).

KIP also features a unique yet meaningful system specially designed for the Kippies/children. As the Kippies attend classes and special events, they have the opportunity to earn KIP Points, which can be saved and exchanged for real prizes/gifts/useful & fun items every 4 months (KIP Gift Shop).

The leaders are God fearing, passionate, creative, humorous and loving. No matter what age or background the children are from, the KIP team seeks to help the children know Jesus and grow spiritually. We serve obediently and diligently to care for and teach God's Word in a safe, loving and encouraging environment.

KIP Ministry exists to develop every child to L.O.L - love, obey and live a purposeful life in Christ, for Christ and with Christ.

Our Details: 9.45 - 11.15 am

6 Charity (2nd level)

Preschool to Primary 5 (3 to 11 years old)

We look forward to you and your children joining us and being part of our community! 

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